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Give us a opportunity to live with dignity, we will reward u with loyalty, joy and give u a warm hug for life!!!. click here Get your dog registered with the BMC. This helps in keeping a check on the pet dog population. Contact your local BMC office or your vet for details. Perfect Pooch now provides pick-up and drop facility. We also provide for basic training and behavioral counseling for your dog.
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Founded in 2003, Perfect Pooch is proud of the standards of dog care we have established. Created with three key principals: professional excellence, outstanding service and high-quality standards, Perfect Pooch has grown to be one of the most sought out places for dog owners. Pet sitting offers the best of all worlds - for pets and their owners. Trauma is minimized.  Owners need not go through the ordeal of unhappy dogs.  The pooches get to stay in our home environment with our dogs and we maintain their diet and walk routine.

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